Thai Boxing History

Thai boxing is one of the most versatile forms of kickboxing worldwide and is known as the “King of the Ring”.

Thai boxing is popular all over the world. The people of Thailand have developed their own unique boxing styles. These fighting forms are quite unique, and attract a lot of participants because they allow boxers to be more creative with their movements.

This sport is the national sport of Thailand. It has a long history, and was used by the ancient Siamese army. Thaiyuth, the ancient martial art used by the army, incorporated a wide range of moves. It was very good for fighting in close quarters and also incorporated the employment of weapons. The strikes of these soldiers were always deadly.

Nowadays, persons who are trained in the method include police officers, military personnel and athletes. Gyms in several parts of the United States and many other areas across the world train people of all ages to exchange blows in a safe environment.

Both women and men currently use this style when they compete for fun or professionally. At some gyms more than 50% of their members are women.

It is one of the most versatile forms of kickboxing worldwide and is known as the “King of the Ring”. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters favor this technique over others. Fighters can use clinching techniques. They can also use stand-up striking.

This form of kickboxing allows fighters to kick their opponent in a number of different areas. For example, kick boxers using this style can hit the other person in the knees. They can also punch them in the elbows and legs.

Not everyone involved in Thai boxing has competing or self-defense as their first priority. Some persons, who want to improve their fitness level or lose weight, use this martial art to do so. A Thai kick boxing workout builds stamina and staying power.

Persons who train using this martial art develop strength and they also become more flexible. They experience an improvement in their cardio-vascular endurance over time.

This kickboxing style is sometimes called Muay Thai. It is also known as Muay Chao Chur and ‘the Art of Eight Limbs’. It is occasionally called Muy Thai. The military form of this technique is slightly different from the civilian form.

In Toronto, there are several police officers who train using the martial art at the TKMT gym in downtown Toronto. They relieve tension and stress, and develop timing, speed, balance and co-ordination. Some gyms, such as Excel Defense Studio in Las Vegas, are designed for law enforcement personnel and businesspeople.


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